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Unless we make Congress stop them,
the FCC will vote to END net neutrality
THIS THURSDAY, Dec. 12, 2017.

Please call your Congresscritters NOW,
and keep calling 'til they groan when they see your number,
and email them, too.

People in the US invented the internet, and US taxpayers funded its development, but our internet access is now among the slowest and most expensive in the developed world, because in the US, we’ve allowed ISP’s to acquire ownership of most of our internet infrastructure and we regulate them lightly.

There are many urgent issues for us to be concerned about right now, but the fact is that progress on ALL issues depends on our ability to communicate about them.

One of the reasons the US Constitution protects not just the right of free speech but also the right of free assembly is that, before electronic communications, the public square was THE place where people could encounter other citizens in order to share new information and disparate points of view.

After all, there’s not much point in a First Amendment
if you can't speak where you can be heard.

But now, our most important "public squares" are online.

ISP's have repeatedly been caught abusing the power they've already got by censoring political or other content; and history has shown time and again that allowing greater power to be concentrated in fewer hands is great for the few and terrible for the rest of us.

The internet has become humanity’s central nervous system. We can't afford to give up control of our collective brain to corporations whose main interests are to manipulate and exploit us.

Call your Congresscritters NOW,
keep calling 'til they groan when they see your number,

and email them too.

And turn your own website into an ACTION page
by ripping off this page or finding the tools here.

Nothing is inevitable, except defeat for those who give up
without a fight.

– "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1961),
script by Irwin Allen & Charles Bennett



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